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OCTOBER 25, 2005 is a big day for Sun.Star Chronicles as we launch our own Sun.Star Blog at SM Cebu. Yep, I am a blogger contributor to this prestigious blogging community. I am now a writer-contributor to a major newspaper in the country (most especially to the Visayan Community).

It all started with a tagboard invitation from Marlen Limpag to join the Sun.Star family of writers. A tagboard invitation? Usually I do not take invitations there seriously until I followed her link. Alas, it wasn’t a spammer afterall who left the message!

The Sun.Star Blog Chronicles is handled by Marlen del Mar-Limpag, online editor of the Sun.Star website. The section is devoted to the Sun.Star website’s coverage of the blogging community. The Sun.Star website is managed by the Sun.Star Network Exchange, a department under Sun.Star Publishing Inc.

I already published my first article with them, “WEBLOGGING can assist students with disabilities”. Feel free to let us know your feedback regarding my entries.

I will be working with a very diverse group of writers here, including a tech priest Fr. Stephen Cuyos and a Pinoy Teachers Network Core group member J.Angelo Racoma.

Sige na nga, pangangatawanan ko na ang pagiging writer ko…

VIDEOCAST (click my photo here): Teacher Sol, blogging from Washington DC

More power to Sun.Star Blog Chronicles; CHEERS TO US!!!

Teacher Sol is a proactive blogger. Working with exceptional children made her realize that, just like the regular children, they need attention and someone to make them feel important. She’s now blogging at

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