Cebu’s leaders recall moments with ‘Tita Cory’

Philippines estradaFormer Philippine Presidents Joseph Estrada, right, and Corazon Aquino, left, smile before attending a mass at the San Juan hospital in suburban San Juan, east of Manila, Philippines, on Feb. 5, 2006. The two former leaders met for the first time after years of political rivalry that seemed to have been eased by their current call for the resignation of the country’s current leader, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Estrada is on temporary jail leave and is recuperating after a successful eye surgery. At center is Senate President Franklin Drilon. (AP Photo)

Cebu City Councilor Sylvan Jakosalem

“I remember Cory for THE best speech I’ve ever seen and heard, her address to the US Congress in 1986. It summed up accurately what her biggest achievement was, fearlessly bringing democracy back to a country ruled and damaged by a dictator for too long. Many of the young Filipinos today who have short attention span, and never got to experience the Marcos era, only have to watch the video on the Internet to truly appreciate what she had done for all of us.”

Former Cebu City congresswoman Nancy Cuenco, who assisted Mrs. Aquino when she sought refuge in Cebu in February 1986

“Even if we knew she was very sick and weak, it still shocked me nga wala na siya sa ato, that she is not with us anymore…I feel the great loss of a truly great friend.” Read rest of story

World leaders pay last respects to Cory

Rizal Award--Corazon Aquino receives from Ronald Duterte-08-29-03-p1 Former president Corazon C. Aquino receives from University of Southern Philippines (USP) president Ronald Duterte the schools award for her advocacy for peace and non-violence on August 29, 2003. (Sun.Star Cebu/Alex Badayos)

MANILA — Leaders from across the globe were saddened by the death of former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino, the popular leader who will be remembered as an icon of democracy.

United States President Barack Obama described Mrs. Aquino as a historic figure who helped restore democracy in her country.

Obama “was deeply saddened” by news of Mrs. Aquino’s death, read a statement late Friday (Saturday, Philippine time) from White House by Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Read rest of story

‘Follow Cory’s example’

Aquino, Corazon--in a 1986 speech to the United States Congress-08-21-03-p8In a 1986 speech to the United States Congress, the widow and president said she had thought that in burying Ninoy, she had to lay to rest his restless dream of Philippine freedom. History had other plans.

NEWS of former president Corazon Aquino’s death yesterday morning provoked different expressions of sorrow, from silent prayers in masses to cannon shots in a military camp.

Cebu Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia and Cebu City Rep. Antonio Cuenco attended a mass for former president Aquino at the Lady of Fatima Parish in Basak, Mandaue City.

“Even in our sorrow, there is happiness, since Cory is now with God,” said Fr. Joe Danao in his homily.

All police offices and stations were ordered to lower their flags at half-staff. Read rest of story

Bangga sa Pagsuwat og kasugiran (folklore)

Mga Lagda sa Pagsuwat:

1. Ang bangga bukas alang sa mga nagpuyo lang dinhi karon sa Sugbo. Di mahimong mosalmot ang nagpuyo gawas sa Sugbo, labina ang naa sa gawas sa nasod (abroad). Way entry fee nga pangayuon sa matag salmot.

2. Ang entry kinahanglan nga patabanan og certificate sa barangay diin nagpuyo ang tagsulat (writer).

3. Duha ang mga kategoriya: individual ug school.

4. Mga tunghaan lang dinhi sa Sugbo ang gitugtan usab nga makasalmot sa bangga.

5. Ang sa school category, kinahanglan nga ang entry hiniusang gihimo sa mga tinun-an ug magtutudlo.

6. Ang matag grupo kinahanglan nga langkuban og lima ka mga sakop.

7. Matag usa (individual ug school) mamahimong makasubmit og tulo ka entries.

8. Kinahanglan nga ang entry gisuwat sa yanong Sugbuanong Bisaya.

9. Di molapas sa 900 ka mga pulong o singko mil (5,000) ka karakter.

10. Kinahanglan nga ang entry wa pa gyud mapublikar o mamantala sa bisan unsang magasin, mantalaan o libro.

11. Kinahanglan nga ang sugilanon popular o inila sa lugar nga gihisgutan ug gigikanan niini.

12. Susihon sa University of the Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College-Central Visayas Studies Center (UPVCC-CVSC) kon unsa ka tinuod nga ang entry gihisgutan sa lugar diin kini magagikan.

13. Ang estorya hukman base sa estillo, pagka orihinal, paggamit og mga simbolo ug pagdani ug susihon sa UPVCC-CVSC ang pagkatinuod niini.

14. Sa matag kategoriya, pilian kini og lima ka mga mananaog.

15. Sa individual nga kategoriya, ang mga mananaog makadawat og P10,000 cash ug SmartBro Prepaid Plug-IT matag usa.

16. Sa school nga kategoriya, ang matag mananaog makadawat og personal computer (PC) ingon man USB nga balor og P500 ang matag sakop sa team.

17. Kinahanglnan nga ang matag entry ipadala pinaagi sa e-mail. Ang di ipaagi sa e-mail di dawaton. Ipadala kini sa Ang deadline sa pag-submit sa entries Hulyo 31, 2009. Sa mga pangutana, tawag lang sa 416-8380, pangitaa si Roger Vallena.

So: Bisaya storybook about Cebu folklore

WHILE reading Roger Federer’s piece on Tiger Woods in Time in the Sun.Star Cebu library, a man asked for our librarian. I wouldn’t have given him much thought had he not been an American speaking in fluent Bisaya.

We had a brief but pleasant exchange. He said that since he had intended to live in Cebu, he got himself tutored in written and oral Bisaya, the kind that is easily understood and spoken.

I recall that visit as I promote a storybook project being undertaken by Sun.Star [Cebu] Superbalita with Smart Communications, the Central Visayas Studies Center (CVSC) of the University of the Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College and Sun.Star Network Exchange (Sunnex).

The project is a storytelling contest that involves many things Bisaya. Foremost, the stories are about some folklore in Cebu and are to be written in Bisaya that is simple enough to interest a young grader to pick up the book and actually read it. (more)

Sun.Star Superbalita padayong nanawat og entry sa bangga

NAGPADAYON ang pagpanawat sa mga entry sa bangga sa pagsuwat og sugilanong Bisaya sa Sugbuanon nga kasugiran (folklore) alang sa tagsa ka tawo (individual) ug mga tunghaan nga nagbase sa Sugbo.

Ang bangga, gitawag og “Matod Pa Sa Lola Ni Noy Kulas,” usa ka hiniusang proyekto sa Sun.Star [Cebu] Superbalita, Sun.Star Network Exchange (Sunnex), Smart Communications Inc. ug sa University of the Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College-Central Visayas Studies Center (UPVCC-CVSC).

Ang estorya kinahanglan nga suwaton sa yano (simple) nga Sugbuanong Binisaya sa 900 ka mga pulong o 5,000 ka karakter nga dunay espasyo (space), mag-asoy kalabot sa Cebuano nga kasugiran nga inila sa usa ka lugar sa Sugbo, naa sa usa ka dapit nga naggamit og mga simbolo nga makit-an lang sa lugar nga gigikanan, ug wa pa gyud mapublikar.

Dunay duha ka mga kategoriya ang bangga: tagsa ka tawo (individual) ug tunghaan. Lima ka mga entry ang pagakuhaon gikan sa matag kategoriya.

Sa individual nga kategoriya, ang nia gyud nagpuyo karon sa Sugbo mao ray makaapil. Kinahanglan siyang mo-submit uban sa iyang entry og certification sa iyang pagpuyo sa lugar gikan sa barangay captain. (more)

Story writing contest on Cebuano folklore on

A BISAYA story writing contest about Cebuano folklores is now open to individuals and schools based in Cebu.

The contest, called “Matod Pa Sa Lola Ni Noy Kulas,” is a joint project of Sun.Star [Cebu] Superbalita, Sun.Star Network Exchange (Sunnex), Smart Communications Inc. and the University of the Philippines in the Visayas Cebu College-Central Visayas Studies Center (UPVCC-CVSC).

The story should be written in simple Sugbuanong Binisaya in 900 words or 5,000 characters with space, should tell about a Cebuano folklore popular in a certain place in Cebu, should have a setting or locale that uses symbols indigenous to the place, and has not been published previously.

The contest has two categories: individual and school. Five entries will be selected from each category.

In the individual category, only a current resident of Cebu province can join. He is required to submit, along with his story entry, a certification of his residency by the barangay captain. (more)

Read story in Bisaya.

Festival unites Sogoranons

IT WAS aimed at showcasing Sogod’s rich cultural heritage and natural wonders but the town’s first Panagsogod Festival did more than that.

The festival, Sogod Vice Mayor Lissa Marie Durano said, united Sogoranons and bound them closer together.

View photos of Panagsugod Festival

Activities and preparations for the month-long celebration, which culminated on July 25 in time for the feast of town patron St. James the Apostle, made Sogoranons work hard together to see the realization of their dream.

The vice mayor said she was especially happy with other town officials and employees who cooperated with her to make the celebration successful.

The festival, aptly carrying the slogan “Ang Sinugdanan” (The Beginning), started with street dancing and a parade.

After, the street dancers had a showdown at the town’s reclamation area.

Tribu Magbubukid, represented by dancers from the Carmen National High School and sponsored by the Association of Barangay Councils, was declared grand champion in the competition.

Kulturang Sogoranon won first place and the Best in Musicality award; Pundok Bulawanong Sogoranon placed second and bagged the Best in Costume and Best in Street Dancing awards, while Pundok Calumboyan was picked for third place.

Named Festival Queen was Miss April Rica Lumbab, 20 years old, of Northeastern Cebu Colleges.

Rep. Ramon “Red” Durano VI (5th district, Cebu) and Governor Gwendolyn Garcia wee present in the celebration. Provincial Board members Agnes Magpale and Rosemarie Durano were also there.

Vice Mayor Durano said the festival is among a series of activities aimed at promoting Sogod as a tourist destination. (MVG)