Delos Santos: More than lavish

WHILE I do not begrudge Manny Pacquiao his immense pride in his daughter (after all, he named her after a queen, which may well show his fascination with royalty), I certainly bewail the more than lavish christening he held for her. And definitely, I protest against the attendance of our public officials whose sensitivity may have gone haywire in their desire to bask in Pacquiao’s fame. (more)

  • Manny is a very generous man to the people of GenSan. to a point that he seems to be at fault.The Baptism of his youngest daughter name after Queen Elizabeth of United kingdom is a royal name,in fact her majesty the Queen of England.It is a big decision but it did happened.
    I believe in the end this will become a part of philippine sports history with a royal note and for the first time.

  • If you want to see or know whats up with Manny,

    Manny Pacquiao, Civil Clothing LA in Carson, CA on March 8th

    Manny Pacquiao shows off his title belts will be attending a celebrity event in Carson California at the Veteran Sports Complex on March 8, 2009