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Earth’s friend: Separating Garbage

By Liberty A. Pinili


HAVE you ever wondered why malls put at least two trash cans in one corner—one labeled “biodegradable” and the other “non-biodegradable”?


Biodegradable and non-biodegradable are actually two different kinds of garbage.


Biodegradable materials are those that rot, like all kinds of food, paper, animal poop, plant leaves and other parts of plants and trees. Non-biodegradable wastes are those that do no rot like plastic, glass and metal.


Biodegradable stuff can be made into fertilizers to fatten the soil and make plants grow better. Non-biodegradable stuff can be reused or made into other useful things. For example, softdrink bottles can be cleaned and refilled or they can be smashed and heated up to make new bottles. Continue reading Earth’s friend: Separating Garbage

Write a Story

By Tita Dulce Festin-Baybay

That’s right, Kidsters! What is the best way of getting the attention of readers and the audience as a whole? Start by telling a story. Haven’t you noticed that when we start with “Once upon a time,” you immediately get interested?

I remember that whenever my teachers would teach a lesson by giving stories, the more I get interested and the more I remember the lesson. Continue reading Write a Story


Be simple that’s what they always say

But sometimes it’s hard to live that way

There are very many temptations

That’s why we are not simple in some situations

Save your money and never borrow money always

For your simlicity forever stays

Those expensive things are worth someone’s life

For you’re like stealing their money that can relieve their strife

Live simply so that others could simply live

That’s a poem I believe

<b>Daryl Mitz M. Garces</b>

Grade 5, Colegio dela Inmaculada Concepcion