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Toon time: Creepella ‘Creepie’ Creecher


One look at this multi-color haired, Goth-like preteen, you will definitely think that she is totally weird. But Creepie doesn’t care about what you think. Yes, her name is Creepie, a shorter and cuter term for Creepella. And yes, it has an almost ‘insect’ ring to it.

That’s because Creepie’s parents are insects. Creepy? Sort of.

Creepie was left on the doorstep of the abandoned Dweezwold Mansion when she was an infant. An unlikely duo for husband and wife, a mosquito and a praying mantis picked up the human infant and raised her as their own. Continue reading Toon time: Creepella ‘Creepie’ Creecher

Tasmanian Wolf

Neither a wolf nor a dog, as what it appears to be. More closely related to the kangaroos and the wombat, the Tasmanian Wolf is the largest carnivorous marsupial from Tasmania, as what its name suggests.

Its Latin name, Thylacinus cynosephalus, means a “pouched dog with a wolf’s head”, which reflects its appearance. Scientists say that the Tasmanian Wolf’s similarity to unrelated species is a result of “convergent evolution”.

Convergent evolution suggests that specie develop the same features as other unrelated specie due to factors like environment and ecological niche. In the Tasmanian Wolf’s case, it resembles a dog because it performs the same ecological niche as true dogs do in Australia.

However, Tasmanian Wolves are already extinct. That means their species is already gone. It is believed that it has been extinct for 65 years. Its extinction was caused by human actions. Being a carnivore, the Tasmanian Wolves are said to be a threat to their livestock. That is why they ordered the animals hunted.

May I Go Out?

By Tita Dulce Festin-Baybay

That’s right! Kidsters! Aren’t these words familiar with you? Teacher, may I go out? What do you mean by this? You want to go out to go to the restroom. You are asking permission to step out of the classroom to go to the canteen. Or you are asking permission to just leave the classroom to meet someone outside, like your parents.

Whatever your reasons to say, “Teacher, May I go out?”, the point I want to emphasize is that while you are still in grade school, you must always ask permission with whatever you do. It is because you are still at an age where your parents must know where you are at all times. Continue reading May I Go Out?