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By Luis A. Quibranza III

Hey kids! I guess you are all excited to find the most colored eggs and put them in your Easter basket. But before you do , here’s a little something we need to read.

Today, we celebrate Easter Sunday. But before we go grab our parents and force them to take us on a special egg-hunting mission, do you really know what Easter Sunday is all about?

Easter Sunday is a special day that celebrates Jesus coming to life from the dead. Nobody in real life has ever done that on his own. You see kids, Jesus is the real Superman.

He’s got no red cape, but he owns a simple white robe.

He may not spin webs to save us from bad guys, but He spins out a handful of stories with lessons that make us realize that sometimes, we are the bad guys.

His super-strength may not lie in big and mighty muscles, but true strength is found when He died for His loved ones: us.

So to celebrate today, say a little prayer thanking God for the wonderful things life brings us. From wonderful toys, great games and delicious candies to true friends, loving parents and cool company. Continue reading Easterrific!

Kids’ summer workshops

Personality Development Avenue (PDA) has an integrated workshop in public speaking, vocal music, dance and modeling organized by Art Dynamics Cebu (ADC). At PDA, kids aged four and above are taught to conquer stage fright, bring out their artistic potentials and develop their capabilities relating to arts and communication. As the tagline reads, “Dare to dream, shine and grow”, workshop undertakers are challenged to perform with confidence and shine on stage.

Aside from hands-on sessions in speech and talent conducted at the SM Board Room, participants will be able to experience fashion and variety shows in Metro Gaisano, Robinsons Place, SM City Cebu and Elizabeth Mall plus a radio interview at i-FM, pictorials at Desires Studio and Marco Polo Plaza Cebu, fun day at Storyland, and publicity exposure on local dailies. Continue reading Kids’ summer workshops

Happy Easter!

By Tita Dulce Festin-Baybay

That’s right! Kidsters! After the week of prayers during the Holy Week, you must be excited because it’s vacation time once again! Do you have vacation plans already? If you do not have any yet, let me give you some suggestions on how to make your summer vacation very useful.

You may not like my first suggestion but it must be done. After your Easter holidays, how about fixing your things? Continue reading Happy Easter!