Daily Archives: March 2, 2008

Toontime: Hisashi Mitsui

Alsace Solamo

Name: Hisashi Mitsui
Age: 17 years old
Position: shooting guard of team ShohokuHisashi Mitsui has always loved basketball. When he was in junior high, Mitsui was awarded most valuable player (MVP) but when he suffered a knee injury and was told that he could no longer play basketball, it meant the end of the world for him.Mitsui felt bitter, which lead him to join a gang and he eventually became the leader. He was always looking for trouble as it was his way of venting out his anger. He hated the varsity players in the basketball team of Shohoku because he was jealous. Continue reading Toontime: Hisashi Mitsui

Get the Message?

Tita Dulce Festin-Baybay

That’s right, Kidsters! I am asking you this important question, “Did you get the message?”

Do you know why I am asking this? You see, as we grow up, it is important that we learn to how understand one another. When your Mama and Papa, for example, asks you to be an obedient child, do you know what they mean by this? Did you get their message? Continue reading Get the Message?