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What would summer be without those multi-colored kites made of bamboo, paper and plastic adorning the skies? Like the seasonal children’s games of tops, spider-fighting, rubber bands, and assorted native games like tubig-tubig, biko, siatong, and bato-lata, these allow children to have quality time with each other and keep them from harm’s way. Basically.

When there were fewer people in Cebu and there were more open spaces, nobody really minded kids and adults flying kites. But injuries and even deaths have occurred because people’s kites got entangled in electric wires.

Mark, a 14-year-old who practices the Filipino martial art of Yaw-Yan, also loves flying kites. He said it’s fun. Mark experienced having his kite entangled in electric wires. Asked if he tried to get his kite back, he said, “No I didn’t. I knew that I could get electric shock.” Continue reading Kite-Flying

Toontime: Zick

Name: Ezekiel Zick
Age: 12
Occupation: Tamer

Zick is one unusual boy because he has an odd allergy. He sneezes when he senses dangerous monsters. The reason behind this rather peculiar trait is that Zick belongs to a line of heroes that have a kind of power that can only be passed from father to son.

Zick is a Tamer. A Tamer is someone who is able to spot a monster and tame it. If he is not able to overcome the fiend, the Tamer must capture it and place it in a special Taming device called the Dom Box.

But Zick does not realize that he is a Tamer. He only knows that he sneezes, which means a dangerous monster is somewhere and when he sees it, Zick must capture it using his undeveloped powers. With the guidance of his tutor, Timothy, who happens to be a cat, Zick discovers his real powers and uses it to capture and tame the monsters. Continue reading Toontime: Zick


By Luis A. Quibranza III

Hey kids! I guess you are all excited to find the most colored eggs and put them in your Easter basket. But before you do , here’s a little something we need to read.

Today, we celebrate Easter Sunday. But before we go grab our parents and force them to take us on a special egg-hunting mission, do you really know what Easter Sunday is all about?

Easter Sunday is a special day that celebrates Jesus coming to life from the dead. Nobody in real life has ever done that on his own. You see kids, Jesus is the real Superman.

He’s got no red cape, but he owns a simple white robe.

He may not spin webs to save us from bad guys, but He spins out a handful of stories with lessons that make us realize that sometimes, we are the bad guys.

His super-strength may not lie in big and mighty muscles, but true strength is found when He died for His loved ones: us.

So to celebrate today, say a little prayer thanking God for the wonderful things life brings us. From wonderful toys, great games and delicious candies to true friends, loving parents and cool company. Continue reading Easterrific!