Pinoys text petitions, prayers

Filipinos pray for love, money via text messages.

Salvation is now just a text message away for Filipinos.

Prayers for lotto wins, jobs in Canada and even boyfriends have been flooding a Philippine Catholic Church project allowing Filipinos to send their petitions via text messages from their cellular phones.

The petitions sent to the “Text Mary” project are forwarded for inclusion in the intention of daily Masses held in churches in Manila and in prayers of Carmelite nuns, the INQ7 reported.

Filipinos have also been downloading novenas and daily prayers from the Text Mary server by simply texting a keyword.

One woman appealed to God to make her boyfriend ” keep his promise to marry her this year” while another petitioner asked to find a boyfriend soon ( hehehe sorry hindi ako ito… defensive diay!)

Each text costs 2.50 pesos (C$0.05). Proceeds from the projects will fund church programs, including fund for poor families.

Soon, project organizers said, they will expand activities to overseas Filipino workers and introduce other mobile features like operator logos, picture messages and cards and MMS wallpapers.

Naku paano kaya yung Hello Garci ringtones at Ethel Booba MMS?

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