If Jesus Were a Blogger

While He was on earth Christ revealed Himself as the Perfect Communicator. He spoke from within, that is to say, from out of the press of His people. He preached the Divine message without fear or compromise. He adjusted to His people’s way of talking and to their patterns of thought. And He spoke out of the predicament of their time. (The Pastoral Instruction Communio et Progressio, no. 11)

Jesus Christ, the Perfect Communicator, used every available means to communicate the Good News. He was so creative and ingenious in communicating with the people of his time, that if he were around today, Jesus would have a blog. But what and how would he blog?

If Jesus were a blogger he would talk about the daily experiences and concerns of people. He would use stories from everyday life like the uninvited wedding guests or a determined woman looking for her lost coin. He would talk about a Samaritan who helped an injured person and in the process teach people what it means to be a compassionate neighbor. He would most likely describe the kingdom of heaven “like treasure hidden in blogosphere” or “like an eBay bidder looking for fine pearls”. Or he would surprise and startle his readers by making a most unexpected person a “hero”, like the unrighteous steward in Lk. 16:1-13. Maybe he would also write down the story of an unjust judge to explain to his online visitor’s their need to pray always and never to lose heart. In short, Jesus’ blog would be aimed at helping people understand who God is and what his reign is like.

If Jesus were a blogger he would ask questions and address the issues of social justice and poverty. He would challenge the prevailing social and political structures of our time and speak against religious bigotry, racial prejudice, and economic selfishness. Forgiveness, compassion, peace, and putting others first would be some of the common themes of his blogposts. He would side with the poor and the marginalized and call them blessed. He would call for an end to war and all forms of violence. And he would insist good over evil, grace over vengeance, love over hatred.

If Jesus were a blogger he would have a shoutbox on his sidebar so he could chat in real time with online friends like Nicodemus, Mary, Peter, Martha, John, and the woman at the well. Aside from the twelve disciples, his blogroll would contain links to tax collectors, prostitutes, lepers, sinners and other outcasts. To protect himself from spammers like those irreverent Pharisees and Sadducees, he’d install an anti-spam plug-in. I am sure Jesus would use open-source content management systems and he would release his blog articles under the Creative Commons License. He may well have a “make poverty history” whiteband on his website. He’d also probably enable a plug-in that allows guests to make donations to victims of natural disasters. This is in line with his challenge for everyone to make a positive difference in this world.

If Jesus were a blogger he would post from his mobile phone or through a wifi-enabled Linux laptop. This is important because, being always on-the-go, he would need to blog from every place where there is a wireless hotspot – in the synagogues and marketplaces, on the mountain and at the sea, or while by his lonesome in the desert.

If Jesus were a blogger he wouldn’t be simply transmitting information or entertaining people through well-crafted stories. While his web-based publication would be true to life, written for the purpose of teaching spiritual and moral truth, he wouldn’t stop there. He would go far beyond just blogging. As a good shepherd, he would be where his flocks are – healing the sick, conversing with outcasts, preaching to the masses, praying with his disciples, teaching by example – all for the glory of the Father.

After all, man does not live by blog alone.


Fr. Stephen Cuyos, is a Cebuano Missionary of the Sacred Heart presently based in Rome, Italy. He manages two websites, two blogs and two podcasts, namely, MSC Philippines, MSC Capitulum Generale, The Pinoy Migrants’ Voices, Cuying Blog, Europinoy Perspective and Cuying Podcast. You can contact him at stephencuyos@gmail.com.

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