High-tech Cheating Comes to High Schools


Cheating on tests has come a long way from writing notes on the back of your hand — and it’s getting harder for schools to police as technology advances.

Instead of sneaking in a scrap of paper with answers scribbled on it, some students snap a picture of the paper with their camera phones. During the test, some students are so adept at text messaging that they can keep the phone in their pocket or under their desk, secretly sending answers to a friend.

Some educators believe the problem is changing too rapidly to be quelled by conventional methods, and it’s time that teaching methods evolved with technology.

(High-tech cheating comes to high schools)

I was a prophet; I had a futuristic insight of this five years ago when I got my first camera phone. I was already a teacher then of course, and I was jokingly telling my husband how easy it would be for friends to take a picture of the exams and share them with each other.

Now I found this news…wow! I am so impressed at how the students are becoming so brilliant and more sophisticated in cheating, using technology to solve problems such as in the exams *smile*. I wish I had a phone camera when I was graduating from highschool, it would make it easier for me to overtake my academic rival.

Now what do you think, is technology a good thing or a bad thing?

Teacher Sol is a proactive blogger. Working with exceptional children made her realize that, just like the regular children, they need attention and someone to make them feel important. She’s now blogging at www.teachersol.blogspot.com.

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