Falls Alarm!

ONE should make sure that he spends his summer the best way possible! Get the gang or fam together and plan trips and itineraries for some adventures. If hitting the beach seems too mainstream—news flash, there are several waterfalls (nearby and far away) that one’s group of friends or family can go visit.

Most of these spots may take more than just the casual jeepney or taxi ride—but hitting these falls still beats spending a boring day at home wasting the day away. Here are some falls stories.

“There’s one in Brgy. BonBon, Busay, Cebu City,” said Shuntelle G. Canteveros. “People call it BonBon Falls but its name is Hinambaoan Falls—that’s what the locals called it.”
According to Shuntelle, a college student, Hinambaoan was also “quite deep”; however, “the falls wasn’t as majestic as that of Kawasan.”

“But it was high enough for a cliff dive! We were able to reach the falls by riding a motorcycle for 30 minutes, getting off at Brgy. BonBon and then trekked for two to three hours while crossing two rivers. The place is a bit further than Tops.” Read More