Earth Hour

HAVE you seen the recent advice on television asking each and every Juan of us to turn off their lights this day? It is mostly featured in Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and many others syndicated over our own cable television.

Anyway, I thought you might have noticed to find in the 30 second infomercial a glimpse or rather “flash” of ME. This is being run almost every 15 minutes in these channels. You will never miss it, as I have not. The first time I watched it, it got my attention as me together with my family would always take part in this world wide event.

Funny, as I was watching, and to my surprise, I thought I saw myself in it. I waited for the next just to be sure, even asking my kids for confirmation. We went as far as having a camera but it was just too fast. We finally had a solution to make confirmation on this “flash” of a figure from my iPhone of course in video, why didn’t I think of that sooner? So there it will be saved in my iPhone forever. (MORE)