Knights of Rizal Dimasalang Chapter, Toronto Kapuso Lions Club

Sir Joaquin (Jojo) T. Taduran, Jr.(left), KGOR deputy commander of the Knights of Rizal Dimasalang Chapter, has convinced Dario Agustin, to join the  Rizal Dimasalang Chapter and the Toronto Kapuso Lions Club in order to continue serving the Filipino community in Toronto and other parts of the province of Toronto.

Sir Mario Alpuerto, KGOR, is the Chapter Commander of the Knights of Rizal Dimasalang Chapter with  Sir George R. Poblete, KGCR, is the Chapter Adviser. Sir Eduardo C. Prillo, KGOR, the incumbent Regional Commander of the Knights of Rizal Canada Region, together with  Sir Jaime T. Marasigan, KGOR, Rizal Supreme Council Supreme Council Deputy Supreme Council Exchequer, belong to the Rizal Dimasalang Chapter.

Sir George R. Poblete, KGCR, and Sir Jaime t. Marasigan, KGOR, served as the Regional Commanders of the  Knights of Rizal Canada. Region.

Sir Mario Alpuerto, KGOR, is the Rizal Canada Region Exchequer and chairman of the of the Special Project. Sir Joaquin (Jojo) T. Taduran, Jr., KGOR,  is the Rizal Canada Region Pursuivant and chairman of the Public Relations and Publicity Committee.

Dario Agustin is just waiting for the right time to officially submit his officially submit his application papers to the Knights of Rizal Dimasalang Chapter  and the Toronto Kapuso Lions Club. (Manuel Papa)

Filipino Lauro Eklund stars in National Geographic

Yukon river run


Lauro Eklund (left), who was born in Cebu, Philippines in 1996, stars in National Geographic channel show “Yukon River Run”. Lauro’s father, Neil, told Sun.Star website at that they still visit the Philippines often. Lauro is featured in this year’s show and is seen to carry the Yukon log raft legacy when his father retires. According to the National Geographic, Lauro has been doing the Yukon trip since he was 10 years old with his father, but this year will be his first time to go on an adventure on his own. (Photo grab from Lauro Eklund’s Instagram)

Fil-Am professor shapes global business thinking

Dr. J. Mark Munoz (Contributed Photo)
Dr. J. Mark Munoz (Contributed Photo)

A FILIPINO-AMERICAN professor is shaping the global business thinking around the world through his works.

Doctor J. Mark Munoz started his career in senior international management roles and became an account director for a United States and Asia-Pacific market research and consulting firm based in New Jersey.

Munoz studied high school at the University of the Philippines in Cebu, acquired his bachelor’s degree at the West Visayas State University in Iloilo and finished his Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management at the University of San Jose – Recoletos in Cebu.

He is currently teaching at the Millikin University and is collaborating with students to create strategic plans for Fortune 500 companies and businesses in China, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Korea, and New Zealand.

Every year, he directs a two-week international travel immersion course for MBA students in the US. In the past 10 years, he facilitated post-graduate business programs in Germany and China.

He also founded an international mentorship program which allows students from around the world to mentor each other on international business issues.

Published Books

Aside from teaching, he continues to write books of global significance.

He just completed a book on Hispanic Latino Entrepreneurship and is wrapping up one on African American Entrepreneurship. He is also editing two books: Managerial Forensics and Strategies in University Management, which gather the views of top experts and writers from around the world.

His success in writing paved the way for numerous books with a global theme, including Winning Across Borders (based on a globalization study covering 35 countries), A Salesman in Asia (strategic selling methods for Asia-Pacific), International Social Entrepreneurship (strategies for creating socially driven business enterprises), Contemporary Microenterprise: Concepts and Cases (pioneering book on small businesses worldwide), and Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business (reference guide on how geography, economics and politics impact global business).

Munoz completed a total of nine books, most of which are distributed globally and were used as business reference materials in several courses around the world.

Career and Awards

In 2001, he joined the academe in the US and worked as an Assistant Professor of International Business at the Millikin University in Illinois.

In 2005, he was honored with the Calatagan Literary Award by the Philippine American Writers and Artists Association. The award was for the book “Land of My Birth” – a socio-political critique of the Philippines that has been described as the contemporary version of Dr. Jose Rizal’s book Noli me Tangere.

In 2012, he was recognized as Distinguished Scholar by the Academy of Global Business Advancement.

In 2013, he was accorded the Teaching Excellence Award by the Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) – one of 10 in the entire world.

In the past 14 years, Munoz’s career blazed the trail with numerous researches, writing, and teaching awards.

He now holds the highest academic rank of Full Professor.

Born a Filipino and starting out from humble beginnings, Dr. Mark Munoz is a living proof that the Filipino can make important academic and business contributions to the world. (PR)

Order of the Knights of Rizal

PCCFInductionPhoto shows Sir Juancho de los Santos, KCR, chapter commander of the Order of the Knights of Rizal, is shown in photo conferring notes with Sir Joaquin T. Taduran Jr., KCR, chancellor of the OKOR-Scarborough Chapter in conjunction with the two chapters coordinated efforts in the implementation of their respective projects in support of the OKOR-Canada Region headed by Sir Jaime T. Marasigan, KGOR, who will head the OKOR-Canada Region during the 20th Global Assembly of the Order of the Knights of Rizal on February 19-22, 2015 at the Heritage City of Vigan, Ilocos Sur. (St. Jamestown News Service, Manny Papa & Dindo Orbeso) Sunnex is the new media department of Sun.Star Publishing Inc. It is managing the Sun.Star website at

Hiyas sa Kadayawan 2014 candidates

Clad in their ethnic costumes, 11 contestants hand-picked by their tribes for this year’s Hiyas sa Kadayawan were presented during yesterday’s flag raising ceremony at the Davao City Hall on Monday. The candidates represent the 11 indigenous and Islamized tribes of Mindanao who have made Davao City their home: Ata, Maguindanao, Tagabawa Bagobo, Kalagan, Bagobo K’lata, Sama, Matigsalug, Tausug, Obu Manuvu, Maranao, and Iranun. (Seth delos Reyes)

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Filipina celebrates 25 years with Maryknoll Sisters

Sister Jocelyn Fenix

Sister Jocelyn Fenix

MARYKNOLL, NY — Sister Jocelyn Fenix, MM, recently named co-formator of Maryknoll Sisters Formation Program in Chicago, IL, will celebrate 25 years with Maryknoll Sisters with a special Mass at 10:30 a.m. of June 22 at the Maryknoll Sisters Center.

Born in Manila, Philippines, Sister Joji, as she is familiarly known by others in her congregation, is a graduate of the University of East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Philippines, where she received her degree as a Doctor of Medicine in 1985.

Sister Joji entered Maryknoll at their residence in Newburgh, NY, on August 26, 1989, and made her final vows in the Philippines on May 15, 1999. She is also a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Quezon City, where she received a BS in psychology in 1979.

Before entering Maryknoll, Sister Joji served from 1986-1987 as a consultant for the Philippines Ministry of Health on its one-year study/evaluation of its primary health care program. There she worked with a team of other physicians and social workers making recommendations to the then new president, Corazon Aquino, for better collaboration between governmental and non-governmental sectors in its’ program implementation.

In 1987, as part of her admissions process with the congregation, Sister Joji lived and worked with Maryknoll Sisters in the Diocese of Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur, in the southern part of the Philippines, in their Primary Health Care Program, training barefoot doctors and health promoters in very poor rural villages. On her return to the Manila in 1988, she was asked to join in the Jesuits’ Center for Community Services as one of the co-coordinators of the Likas (Lingap sa Kalusugan ng Sambayanan) or People’s Health Care Program Office. The office conducted trainings, both in rural and urban areas, of community-based health promoters and helped initiate a generic drugs promotion among various health non-governmental organizations.

Following a brief period spent working in the congregation’s direct mail office, Sister Joji was assigned to Panama, where she served 24 communities located within the vicariate of Darien. There she engaged in pastoral ministry, holistic health promotion and care as a support team member in the promotion of organic farming techniques, and small project administration at the Santa Fe Pastoral Center.

Sister Joji also started a small savings and loan association to help local farmers develop their own integrated family farms, including collecting and cultivating medicinal plants that later formed part of a project and a small group to process and commercialize some of them into herbal teas, soaps, salves, etc. that is now independent but still in existence.

Sister Joji was also involved in doing leadership training and sponsoring popular art and theatre workshops for children and youth in the area.

Founded in 1912, Maryknoll Sisters is the first US-based congregation of women religious dedicated to foreign mission. Working primarily among the poor and marginalized in 26 countries around the world, they now number nearly 500 members from both the US and overseas. (PR)

Mandaue Food Festival & Trade Fair 2014

The annual Mandaue Trade Fair is one of the highlights of Mandaue City’s fiesta, which is held in honor of its
patron saint, St. Joseph, on May 8. This year’s fiesta celebration is co-organized by the City Historical, Education, Sports and Tourism Foundation. (Photo by Allan Cuizon of Sun.Star Cebu)

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