Lunar charms

When worries cloud the wits, eyes (commonly known as the window to the soul) tend to dart their way up where something round shines brilliantly in the night. The soul probably longs for some enlightenment. Consciously or otherwise, the mind seems to seek refuge in the promising radiance it gives, no matter how foreign, unknown and unreachable to the human hand it may [...]

Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family and Friends

by Rosemary Shrager With a few perfect recipes in your repertoire, you can master any dish and create many more. Rosemary Shrager’s Absolutely Foolproof Food for Family & Friends makes it easy to cook over 300 classic tried-and-tested recipes perfectly every time. With crystal clear instructions for over 20 essential dishes and techniques in fantastic [...]

Pink, “The Truth About Love”

Listening to Pink’s new album is like watching a reality show about the ups and downs of her relationship with her husband, motorcycle racer Carey Hart: She’s over him at times, under him at others. There are fights, and makeups, and then more breakups. There are “I hate yous” and “I love yous.” And all [...]

Bully toons

Whether they’re misunderstood or just plain mean, the bottomline is bullying is not cool, even if bullies themselves think they are. Unfortunately for us, there are bullies all around, even in cartoons. The best thing about cartoon bullies is that at the end, they always lose. Here are some of those insufferable bullies in the cartoon world who need to [...]

Arroyo loses bid to junk poll sabotage case

MANILA — Majority of the Supreme Court (SC) justices recently ruled that former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo cannot escape prosecution for electoral sabotage despite claiming that the case was hastily prepared.

A Court source said the justices noted that they can no longer nullify the charges filed by the Department of Justice-Commission on Elections (Comelec) panel since Arroyo already pleaded not guilty to the case in February. Read more

Fire in Lahug, Cebu City

Fire in Lahug, Cebu City on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fire in Lahug, Cebu City on Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A fire broke out around 7:30 a.m. of Wednesday, September 26, 2012, at Sunset Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. The Cebu City fire department said the blaze was placed under control 10 minutes after the fire started.

This photo was taken by Sushmita Kyle E. Calejesan. This was also published at

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From cute and cuddly to downright vicious

John Galaxy comes to the rescue He’s seen everything from spastic cats that break up relationships to violent felines that put their owners in the hospital. In Animal Planet’s newest series My Cat From Hell, cat behaviourist Jackson Galaxy tackles the most catastrophic cat cases he’s ever encountered. Galaxy has 15 years of experience and [...]

Appreciating your teachers

Just because you’re not the teacher’s pet doesn’t mean your teachers are not worth appreciating. How else would you know the ways of the world if not for them?

You may not know it, but teachers do have a tough job ahead of them. When your parents are gone, they are the ones responsible for you. And if you think your parents have a tough time keeping you out of trouble, can you imagine a teacher who is reponsible for an entire class?

Here are some ways to you can take the burden off your teachers.

• Behave. When your teacher is speaking, the least you can do is listen. Don’t run around the classroom or talk to your seatmate. Or worse, don’t pull out a cellphone or mini game. You’re not even supposed to bring those things to school.

• Do your assignments. Trust us, your teachers don’t give you homework just to make your life harder. They give you these things to make sure you get a better understanding of the lesson. They also want to make sure you are prepared for the coming discussions.

• Participate. Don’t just sit in class like a zombie. If you know the answer to a question, raise your hand and give the answer. No wonder some of you fall asleep in class. It’s because you’re not really participating.

• Be nice. Teachers can get really tired from all the talking and coaxing they have to do to get you and your classmates to understand the lesson. A small smile or a polite request is enough to get them going. If you’re being rude and nasty, it makes their job even more difficult.

Remember, teachers are human, too. They are not perfect, but we all know they do try their best. Let’s all give them a pat on the back to show them they are special.

The demigod diaries

Are you one of those people itching for the next Heroes of Olympus adventure?

Until the third book from Rick Riordan’s series is released, treat yourself to the Demigod Diaries, a collection of short stories and games to get you going. Aside from new demigods and those you’ve come to love, you’ll have a great time meeting new monsters as well.

In this book, you’ll read about Luke Castellan before he became the bad guy in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Here, you’ll find out why he, Annabeth and Thalia were so close.

If you’ve been missing some Percy and Annabeth moments, read about a short adventure they share in trying to locate Hermes’ stolen staff. Or you can skip to the part where Percy takes Annabeth on a romantic date, it’s up to you.

Leo, Jason and Piper also get their own adventure and it takes place just before they are set to go on their next adventure with other demigods, which you will read more of in the upcoming release, The Mark of Athena.

Finally, have you ever wondered why monsters are so good at tracking down demigods? You’ll have one demigod to blame. What’s great about this story is that we learn Rick’s son Haley is just as talented as his dad when it comes to writing these action-packed stories! This only means we can be assured of even more demigod tales in the years to come.

This was defi nitely a fun read, even if they were not as lengthy as the novels. And it’s a great way to cure us from our Heroes of Olympus fix. (Rick Riordan)

Marquez: I didn’t expect 4th fight

JUAN Manuel Marquez was doubtful that Manny Pacquiao would ever give him another rematch after a close majority decision loss in their trilogy last year.

The chances of a fourth fight with Pacquiao grew dim after the Filipino superstar lost by a controversial split decision to Timothy Bradley last June, after which both Pacquiao and Bradley sought a rematch late this year. But surprisingly, the 33-year-old Pacquiao picked his arch nemesis Marquez to be his opponent on Dec. 8 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. (MOVE)

‘Bradley or Marquez’

MANNY Pacquiao’s much anticipated ring return will be finalized by Top Rank this week.

The 33-year-old Filipino boxing superstar is fighting on Dec. 8 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas but his opponent is yet to be finalized. The deal is expected to be sealed by this week and will be announced next week. (MORE)

Bradley blasts Pacquiao for choosing Marquez fight

IS MANNY Pacquiao scared of Timothy Bradley? It depends on whom you ask. But for World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion Bradley, it is a big yes.

“I can’t believe these guys,” Bradley told The Desert Sun. “He didn’t want any part of me. (Juan Manuel) Marquez is an easier fight. He knows that a fight with me and two good legs is going to be hell. I can’t believe it. Any champion who lost his belt, you would want to redeem yourself.” (MORE)

Team Philippines of North America dominate at basketball cup

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Florida — Team Philippines of North America (TPNA) made a huge statement at The 2012 International Basketball Global Cup at Walt Disney World’s ESPN Wide World of Sports.

TPNA, based in Washington, DC, is a non-profit organization that seeks out the Filipino basketball talents in the US and Canada at the grassroots level. It is responsible for selecting young players and preparing them to compete in international basketball competitions.

Here are the rosters for Team Philippines of North America at 2012 International Basketball Global Cup:

Rosters for Team Philippines of North America at 2012 International Basketball Global Cup

The team came in 1st place in Boy’s 12U and 16U and 2nd place in Boy’s 14U. All three teams showed great sportsmanship and fundamental talent.

The tournament featured 32 boys and girls teams from ages 10 to 18 years, including International teams from Australia, Canada, Brazil, Bermuda, Ireland, and the Philippines.

Grand Finale. Global Cup 2012

The Global Cup featured some of the best youth basketball teams from around the world that came to converge and compete.

Eric Dailey, president of Global Cup, is an Ocala, Florida native who began his professional career with the Dallas Mavericks followed by a 10-year professional career playing in Europe, Asia and South America.

Dailey is now bringing the international game home with the 2012 Global Cup World Championships. Dailey Training has been training top elite men and women’s basketball players around the World since 1997.

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